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Operational and Occupational Stress Advisory Service (OSAS)


March on Stress runs an Operational and Occupational Stress Advisory Service (OSAS). This gives access to a wholly confidential support service for personnel in relation to operational and occupational stressors whenever they feel they need it. This service aims to support personnel to remain in work where possible.

Access to OSAS will be electronic in the first instance (a regularly monitored email address) but can lead on to telephone, email or face to face contact* including formal psychiatric assessment and recommendations for treatment where necessary.

Where possible March on Stress will aim to signpost personnel who need treatment to existing services (e.g. NHS/IAPT) which are free at the point of contact or to recommend appropriately trained treatment providers within the UK (and we will aim to do the same for personnel based overseas where we can).

OSAS is provided as part of our Wellness Service but can also be provided as a standalone service.

We also offer Operational and Occupational Stress Policy writing and advisory services. Please contact us for further details on how we can best support your organisation to manage and deal with Operational or Occupational Stress.

* Any formal assessments/treatments/ face to face consultations will be charged separately to the OSAS service.



  • • Support through OSAS IS provided through email and phone contact initially – making it a great tool for supporting your employees wherever they are in the world
  • • OSAS forms part of our Wellness Service (Psychological Health Monitoring) but can also be provided as a standalone service
  • • The information provided by employees is strictly medical in confidence


  • • Support provided by fully credentialed psychological health clinicians with vast clinical experience
  • • Providing access to the OSAS service for employees shows a moral and legal duty of care by the organisation

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