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The March on Stress Wellness Service aims to provide proactive support and advice for employees working in high threat environments. The Service includes formal psychological health monitoring, managed confidentially, which aims to identify individuals in need of additional welfare/mental health support and provide them with assistance to get it. March on Stress will issue a letter of compliance for individuals who need one; this will be issued directly to a Human Resources department on behalf of the individual. Those who sign up to the Wellness Service are also able to access a "wholly confidential” support service for matters relating to operational stress (OSAS – Operational Stress Advisory Service) whenever they need it. OSAS aims to assist personnel to remain in work where possible.

The March on Stress Wellness Service has been developed from our many years of working in the field of traumatic stress. The Service is based on firm science and aims to provide those who work in high threat environments with a confidential and expert source of advice should they need it.

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