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Here are some examples of what our corporate clients and individual course delegates have to say about us.

Corporate Clients

Barry Roche, Chief Executive Officer, Protection Vessels International:

Looking after our people is important to our organisation – and it's good for business. March on Stress carries out twice yearly psychological monitoring of our people and gives them any support they need at any time. Knowing this has proved to be a big positive for our shipping clients and is certainly a reassurance for the board of directors. We also use TRiM by March on Stress and have had excellent feedback about the quality of training and its results. Not only do our people feel supported, we are also adhering to the International Code of Conduct by taking care of their psychological welfare.

We chose March on Stress because their credentials are second to none. Professor Greenberg is always there to provide expert support and advice during and following crisis situations. He and his team base their methods on the latest research and evidence but translate the science into products that work well for industry. A winning combination.

Global Oil and Gas Organisation:

March on Stress provides our staff in Iraq with a psychological surveillance service. They monitor how our people are doing twice a year and one of their mental health professionals interviews all new staff and contractors, on a voluntary basis, before they deploy. We have found that our staff are complimentary about how they are dealt with by March on Stress. They have found their staff to be accessible, approachable and supportive. We know it makes sense to provide our people with the March on Stress service and whilst our involvement in the process is minimal, we reap the benefits in terms of meeting a duty of care obligation to our staff. Professor Greenberg and his team are a pleasure to work with in their delivery of a highly efficient and valuable service.


We have used the services of March on Stress to monitor the mental health of medical personnel all round the world for many years now. Our staff deploy to some pretty harsh environments and knowing that highly experienced March on Stress staff are keeping an eye on our people and providing them with expert, confidential support provides us with peace of mind, as well as allowing us to demonstrate duty of care. We have always found March on Stress to be highly professional and flexible in its approach and they gear their service to our way of working – they make it easy to fulfil this important obligation to take care of our people.

About our All Comers Course:

'I applaud the instructors and the course, I found it both invigorating and enlightening. The mix of people was great and it was a very friendly atmosphere.'

'Solid grounding for non-experts.'

Media Organisation:

'An enjoyable course, which I will recommend. It has made me more aware of the effects of trauma incidents.'

'I think the structure of the course works well; the role play exercises are really useful.'

HM Government:

'I have been in my organisation for eight years, this is genuinely the best course I've ever been on and I feel equipped to be a TRiM assessor and much better equipped as a manager.'

'Very professionally delivered.'

'The best course I've attended in 20 years in my organisation.'

'This course was presented very well and I learnt a great deal through the instructors approach and methodology.'

'A good mix of practical sessions and presentations. Style of instructors' delivery made it a very informative and useful course.'

Emergency Services:

'Instructors were excellent. Very knowledgeable, good fun, easy to understand and take onboard.'

'Nice to have a course run by independent professionals who are obviously experienced and knowledgeable about their subject.'

'Excellent trainers, I remained fully interested throughout the whole course.'

'Very good knowledgeable instructors, good practical scenarios, really engaged in it and learnt a lot.'

NHS Trust:

'Thank you very much it was thoroughly enjoyable and I feel it will be very valuable during my career.'

'Greatly needed in a busy trust. Fascinating listening to the instructors, great wealth of experiences.'

Local Government:

'A perfectly balanced course – theory – practical – breaks – humour – feedback. Plenty of time given for questions felt all comments were listened too.'


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