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Awareness and Action in Mind


Awareness and Action in Mind (AAIM) is a one day workshop – with clients choosing either an occupational (work-related) or operational (trauma-related) focus.

It is split into two sections. The first section, 'Awareness in Mind' gives delegates more information about common mental health disorders e.g. depression; anxiety etc; their signs and symptoms and how to spot them.

The second section: 'Action in Mind', is a lighter/condensed version of the Advanced Mentoring Skills workshop. It gives delegates practical tools to administer some psychological first aid, including overcoming stigma to seek help.

AAIM is ideal for staff who may be exposed to any occupational or operational stress or trauma – from day-to-day pressures of work; isolated or remote working; to exposure to potential trauma.

The course was developed initially for a UK police force who wanted a structured programme for staff in a busy and supportive role to equip them with tools to both aid their colleagues but also administer self-help when the pressure is on.

After some excellent feedback to the workshop, it has now been used by a number of commercial organisations.

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