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All of the team at March on Stress would like to say a big thank you to everyone in key worker roles across the UK and the world for everything you have done (and continue to do) during the covid 19 pandemic.

We are pleased to have supported many organisations working on the frontline of covid over the past two years and will continue to support where needed.

The biggest change to our usual services was the move to remote delivery of training. While remote training is by no means preferable to face-to-face delivery, we are happy to have adapted to the need and have been delighted by the positive feedback from our remote course delegates. We are back to running many face to face courses but continue to offer remote options for smaller group training. We recognise that the remote option can suit some organisations where it remains difficult to get everyone together in one location.

Early in the pandemic we developed a phased training package to include bite-sized workshops and half-day sessions, based on our evidence-based REACTMH® intervention, which could dovetail into full peer support training (TRiM or StRaW®). We are thankful to have developed these services by listening to our essential key worker clients and colleagues and working with them to meet their needs.

All of our services – both established and new – utilise the latest evidence and research, as well as the experience, of Professor Neil Greenberg who, once again, has been at the forefront in terms of national mental health strategy – he was part of the #OurNHSPeople Wellbeing Team and was involved with the team working to support the staff at NHS Nightingale in London and elsewhere.

Many of our new, shorter workshops developed in response to the covid crisis, but useful and effective beyond, use Neil’s ongoing work as a foundation (See the video by clicking here) and focus on training delegates about how to have ‘psychologically savvy’ conversations. These workshops are a really important tool for supervisors in many workplaces and particularly in frontline health care settings.

Two years on from the start of the pandemic. we have delivered REACTMH workshops to thousands of healthcare workers, as well as to many others in public and private sector.

A study of REACTMH published in the Journal of Occupational Medicine in 2021 found that a brief active listening skills training package was associated with significant improvements in healthcare manager’s confidence in recognising, speaking with and supporting healthcare workers. The full study is available here:

If you would like more information about the phased training approach we have developed for organisations, including REACTMH and peer support options, then please get in touch. 

Similarly, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a workplace mental health support need that is unrelated to covid 19 – we have a broad menu of options, including clinical support, and are always happy to discuss specific needs and advise accordingly.


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